Received a Letter?

Why Did I Receive a Letter?

No need to get scared! If you received a letter from us it simply means that your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty is about to expire (or is already expired). We are only alerting you so you can avoid a total lack of coverage.

Should your vehicle’s factory warranty coverage expire, you will be left liable, financially, for any and all repairs due to vehicle breakdown. However, Vehicle Services Department offers plans and options to extend the life of your coverage. We will continue to provide protection for your vehicle.

Do You Need an Extended Coverage Plan for Your Vehicle?

While your vehicle is considered new, it is standard practice for manufacturers to provide it with a factory warranty. However, no factory warranty is intended to last beyond when a specific amount of time or mileage is reached. When you extend your vehicle’s coverage, you create a fiscal safety net for necessary future repairs. Coverage will protect or assist you with the responsibility of having to pay for costly repairs. At its best, these options could even extend the life of your vehicle.  Every year the cost of repairs rises, but not for vehicle owners with extended vehicle protection.

Vehicle Services Department Pink Letter

Next Steps

If you have received a notice from Vehicle Services Department, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible. Every moment you wait and every mile you drive does affect your out-of-warranty coverage.

4 Replies to “Received a Letter?”

  1. I received this notice yesterday and called. The rep on the phone was very nice and told me that my warranty might be expired, I gave him my vehicle’s information and he told me when my warranty will expire (you have to remember when you purchased the car). I will consider this coverage next year when my factory warranty expires, still have 1 year.

  2. My mother received a letter from Vehicle Services Department last week and we called them. The person on the phone was very nice and he told us that my mother’s warranty is about to expire and if we don’t want to pay for future repairs we should get a warranty coverage.

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